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White Tooth Fillings in Sacramento

White fillings are, as the name implies, white in color as opposed to a darker colored metallic filling. White fillings from Midtown Dental in Sacramento are used to restore minor cavities, decayed teeth, and to repair defects, or to replace old, worn-out metal fillings.

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Types of White Fillings

There are two different types of White Fillings: In-Office Composite and laboratory fabricated inlays/onlays. Midtown Dental lab-fabricated metal-free fillings are available in pressed porcelain. Pressed porcelain is the preferred material because of its durability and natural cosmetic appearance. Do not confuse pressed porcelain, lab-fabricated inlays/onlays with in-office composite fillings. In-office composite fillings clearly have many advantages over metal fillings; however, pressed porcelain inlays/onlays are superior in strength and durability.

If you have older fillings in your teeth, you might consider replacing any worn or cracked fillings with cosmetically appealing and durable porcelain inlays or onlays or white fillings for the best protection against decay or breakage. The new materials now used in white fillings are amazingly similar to the natural color of your teeth, and they help damaged teeth return to their original strength.

Through Cosmetic dentistry the fillings can now be matched to the color of your teeth, so only your dentist will know that you have fillings! White fillings are far more aesthetically appealing, they will last for many years, they are bonded to your tooth and in some cases actually strengthen it.