Dental Crowns in Sacramento

CEREC Crown One Visit Technology has truly revolutionized Dentistry enabling Patients to get Dental Crowns made and put in place the same day by Digitally Scanning their Teeth and milling the Crown right in Midtown Dental’s Sacramento Office.

Same Day CEREC Crowns Made While You Wait

Thanks to the CEREC Crown Technology, waiting two to three weeks for Crowns for your teeth is a thing of the past. No longer do you have to go through the tedious hassle of impressions, temporary’s, and fittings before the dental crown permanent placement occurs. Back then, if the crown didn’t fit just right, it had to be returned to the lab and the procedure starts all over!

Thankfully, modern technology has made great advancements and the CEREC Crown’s State of the Art Technology is available right now at Midtown Dental’s Sacramento Office.

The Term “CEREC” stands for:

  • Chairside – This New Technology is fast, so we can create your custom crown while you’re relaxing in the dental chair.
  • Economical – We have the State-of-The-Art Equipment at our Local Sacramento Dentist Office and don’t have to outsource the crown work, so getting a CEREC Crown at Midtown Dental is a cost-effective for dentist and patient.
  • Restorations – Your New CEREC Crown immediately returns the look, feel, durability and beauty of your natural teeth.
  • Esthetic – CEREC Crowns are metal-free and are tooth-matched-colored to to your natural teeth so they are indistinguishable from you natural teeth.
  • Ceramic – CEREC Crowns are made of extremely durable ceramics which are very similar to the actual structure of your tooth.

When all these benefits are brought together into one crown for teeth, you get the most seamless dental transition ever, and it is all done in one visit, the same day. CEREC Crowns are amazing and available today at Midtown Dental’s Office in Sacramento, CA.

Patients at Midtown Dental enjoy the convenience of the CEREC One Visit Same-Day Crowns while you wait Service.

All you need to do is set an appointment and one of our experienced and friendly Dental Staff will get a perfect-fitting CEREC Dental Crown made just for you that looks great and functions like a natural permanent tooth. Appointment Scheduling is easy and online, just click the blue button below!

Ready for a One Visit CEREC Crown?

Using an in-house computer-aided design system, we can mill and produce the crown with amazing accuracy and speed. All the waiting and return trips to the dentist are gone. The entire process takes only about 2 hours.

You no longer have to endure the time and inconvenience of an impression, temporary, repeat numbing procedure, or a second visit. We are proud to be one of only 10% of offices nationwide offering this technology to our patients.

CEREC provides the aesthetics and satisfaction of a real tooth, all in a single visit. Our team members paint and glaze each crown to your unique tooth characteristics. Our artistic skills are put to good use to design a beautiful and well-functioning restoration for your smile.

The restoration begins with a special HD scan of your teeth, which displays on our computer screen….no more messy impression material! From this image, we design the restoration and then CEREC creates it. The new crown is bonded to the surface of the tooth and the procedure is completed.

Our Sacramento patients love CEREC as the quick and reliable way to make and fit a long-lasting crown.

Dr Apekian, Dr Skelton & staff are awesome. I was eating a very sticky piece of candy when my crown came off. Gulp I swallowed it and panicked. I called Midtown Dental and they squeezed me in; minutes later I was sitting in the dentist chair as Dr Apekian using their techie CEREC equipment made my new permanent crown while Dr Skelton prepped my tooth.

There’s no place better to get a CEREC Crown.

The crown was made AND fitted THE SAME DAY. The entire procedure was totally pain free. Love Katie, my hygienist and the the dentists as well. So friendly, so nice, they know “their stuff” and very gentle.

Call today at (916) 441–5800 to learn more about our Dental Crown Replacement services.