Many of our basic daily activities, such as speaking, smiling, chewing and even smelling are dependent on having good oral health, which can be ensured only through proper oral hygiene. Gum disease is a very serious condition, that over time, can progress until the gums detach themselves from the teeth, forming pockets and eventually leading to tooth and bone loss.

At Midtown Dental in Sacramento, California, we advise our patients that proper oral hygiene, including brushing twice daily and flossing daily, visiting the dentist regularly, and avoiding tobacco products are the best way to help prevent gum disease. Additionally, a poor diet that is low in vitamin C, calcium, vitamin D or magnesium can compromise gum tissue’s ability to heal and can speed up bone loss. It is crucial to understand that gum disease equals bone loss around affected teeth. Even with current technology, the bone loss around teeth that are affected by gum disease is irreversible.

If you already have gum disease, you don’t have to loose your teeth from bone loss! Your dentist in Sacramento can help you eliminate the causes and help you entirely stop the damaging progression and bone loss of gum disease before you do lose your teeth. You can keep and use your teeth that are affected by gum disease for as long as you are willing to team up with your dentist for regular and frequent professional gum care.

Stages of Gum Disease: Gingivitis, Periodontitis, Advanced Periodontitis

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