Midtown Dental Summer Invisalign Event

Summer Invisalign event flyer

Have you ever wanted a more beautiful smile? Do you want straight beautiful teeth but the thought of wearing braces or the uncertainty of your treatment options makes you think twice?

What if I told you, you could receive a complete Invisalign consultation with an included simulation to show you what your smile would look like after receiving treatment?

Join us for our Summer Invisalign Event on June 7th, 2019 to take advantage of our complementary consultation discount opportunity.

The first 25 patients that come into our office will receive a complimentary consultation as a part of starting their Invisalign treatment plan. Post treatment retainers are also included with no additional charge.

Ready for your consultation for your brighter more beautiful smile with Invisalign.

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Quick and Easy Consultation Complete with Outcome Simulation

iTero Intraoral Scanner for Dental imaging

Your consultation starts with a friendly relaxed visit with Dr. Apekian or Dr. Crippen about Invisalign to determine if you’re a qualified candidate. Once you are qualified we can take a set of painless images of your teeth and mouth, thanks to our iTero Intraoral Scanner.

The iTero scanner utilizes a compact wand allowing our experienced dental professionals to scan your entire mouth. This allows images to be taken of molars without having to stretch your mouth open with uncomfortable dental instruments.

The images captured are pieced together to create a 3-D rendering of your entire mouth within a matter of minutes making the process much faster than a traditional mold.

With the 3-D rendering of your mouth we can create a more accurate Invisalign treatment plan including aligners that fit better throughout treatment compared to alternative method.

The i-Tero scanner not only helps us create a better treatment plan but also allows us to show a simulation of your smile transformation before beginning treatment.

For more information or to book your consultation appointment call our office at (916) 441-5800.

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