An often overlooked, but important aspect to protecting your teeth and maintain good oral health is the use of athletic mouthguards. Whether you are an athlete or your kids play sports causally on the weekends, a good mouthguard is critical. Mouthguards provide valuable protection for the jaw, face, tongue, lips, and of course, the teeth.They can also help prevent more serious problems such as concussions and cerebral hemorrhages.

Unfortunately, over the counter mouthguards from your local sports store do not protect your teeth adequately and are of little benefit. Sports medicine experts estimate that up to 80% of currently worn athletic mouthguards are not effective and can be more dangerous than not wearing one at all. These types of mouthguards do not fit around the teeth or arches. When a blow occurs, the tray is forced rearward and the forces are not distributed evenly to the oral tissues.

Mouthguard 1
Mouthguard 2

At Midtown Dental in Sacramento, Dr. Jenny Apekian makes custom mouth guards from an exact model of the mouth, using the most accurate method known in dentistry today, the pressure lamination technique. This provides the most protective, comfortable and accurate fit available. The equipment that Dr. Apekian uses is the same as that used by professional sports team such as the Dallas Cowboys and many others. As an added benefit, custom, mouthgaurds can be made in any color combination and can even include names and team logos.

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