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Cerec One-visit Crowns

CEREC Crowns technology and One-Visit Dentistry has truly revolutionized dentistry. Midtown Dental can now make your crown the same day by digitally scanning your teeth and milling a crown right in the office.

Same Day CEREC Crowns Made While You Wait

Many people are all too familiar with the traditional method of getting crowns. They wait through a two to three week process of having the impression made, a temporary inserted, and finally the fitting and placement of a permanent crown. If the crown doesn’t fit just right, it has to be returned to the lab and the procedure starts all over again!

Fortunately, technology has caught up with dental crowns, and our patients in Sacramento can enjoy CEREC, same day, crowns. With Midtown Dental, your CEREC dentist in Sacramento, you can now have a perfect-fitting crown that looks great and functions like a natural tooth. With CEREC technology, our Midtown Sacramento office can create a permanent crown in minutes!

Using an in-house computer-aided design system, we can mill and produce the crown with amazing accuracy and speed. All the waiting and return trips to the dentist are gone. The entire process takes only about 2 hours. You no longer have to endure the time and inconvenience of an impression, temporary, repeat numbing procedure, or a second visit. We are proud to be one of only 10% of offices nationwide offering this technology to our patients. CEREC provides the aesthetics and satisfaction of a real tooth, all in a single visit. Our team members paint and glaze each crown to your unique tooth characteristics. Our artistic skills are put to good use to design a beautiful and well-functioning restoration for your smile.

The restoration begins with a special HD scan of your teeth, which displays on our computer more messy impression material! From this image, we design the restoration and then CEREC creates it. The new crown is bonded to the surface of the tooth and the procedure is completed. Our Sacramento patients love CEREC as the quick and reliable way to make and fit a long-lasting crown.